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Hack & Craft enables innovation through bespoke Image Recognition and Machine Learning solutions.

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An engineer has a component or part, they put it on a scanner and very quickly they find out exactly what that part is, they then have the opportunity to order that part immediately.
Michael Cramb
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Hack & Craft’s AI & Machine Learning Toolkit

See it.
Identify it.
Our Image Recognition systems make anyone an expert across thousands of products or components. Even when products are worn, dirty or damaged. The systems enable efficiencies, reduce opex costs and streamline user journeys by making it faster and easier to identify products, detect wear or device settings.
Test and learn.
Harness the power of a thousand minds and discover insights, find optimal pricing points or predict customer behaviours. Our Machine Learning systems can drive down costs, increase margins and work across a range of business functions.
Repetitive tasks.
Automate them.
Hack & Craft’s AI and Machine Learning systems can automate complex manual processes and workflows. Allowing business practices and service levels to be standardised, while enabling increases in efficiency, reduced opex and improved accuracy.
Your potential.
In the global business environment, the value of data is ever increasing. Many organisations have historically stored large amounts of transactional, product and other data points, but lack a way to realise its potential. Hack & Craft’s AI & Machine Learning solutions can unlock its potential, uncovering new opportunities to innovate your business model.
Learn how image recognition can transform your business.
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Delivering innovation for a market leader

Image Recognition for RS Components

Hack & Craft worked with client stakeholders to create and deploy an Image Recognition and IoT platform to achieve RS Components long-term strategic goal to be the market leader in customer experience. The system is now live and rolled out to customer factory floors, delivering increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Support at every stage.
From ideation through go-live.
We used a combined hardware & software approach to produce an end to end Image Recognition and IoT solution, from ideation to roll out. Our iterative development process was steered by feedback from the innovation team and real-world end users, ensuring the product reached best market fit.
4k categories.
2.5M products.
The vast number of products presented a challenge that required us to design and build a multi-layered Image Recognition framework. Comprised of multiple ResNest-50 convolutional neural networks, the self-learning system continually gets smarter with each user interaction.
Pain free.
Simplified journeys.
By removing pain points in the product identification, search and purchasing customer journeys, we increased sales, conversion and customer satisfaction. The Image Recognition and factory floor IoT plinths also act as a clear market differentiator, driving customer retention and brand loyalty.
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